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Bike Number Plate Frame in Luxuriant Colours – Gold, Silver and Brown Gold.

Protector of Number Plates:

The age of fixing the bike number plates straight on to your bike has gone. Besides, the number plate today is no more just an identifier. It has taken the place of a beautiful piece of jewellery which your beloved wears. Therefore, trained professionals carefully design modern number plates for you. Advanced technology and modern machinery play an important role in its creation. That is why it has become a piece of jewellery for your bike. Certainly, the number plate guards your vehicle. You know how an alert bodyguard stands by your side wearing a specially designed uniform. He is also well armed; not only to protect you but also to protect himself. That is why Orbiz has designed an attractive bike number plate frame – guardian of your beloved bike.

Professionally Designed Style:

Just as we create a number plate so meticulously, we are also concerned to fix it nowadays, with an attractive and high-quality frame. This particular carbon fiber-coated frame, not only protects the number plate but also adds to its very beauty as well as elegance.? Besides, we design a number plate frame so as to enhance the attractiveness of your own vehicle. Therefore, it is indeed a wonderful accessory that is safe, stylish and modern. We make use of very strong and sturdy materials to manufacture these latest models of number plate cover.
Besides, it has got a very beautiful design. Even the colour itself is mesmerizing. It is specially coated with glossy carbon fiber. Now the latest design can even match the colour you choose. This choice is left to you. Choose the colour: gold, silver or brown gold. Let your number plate make a mark on your bike with the colour you choose for the frame from gold, silver and brown gold. These number plate frames in exotic colours of gold, silver and brown gold are available for both the front as well as rear plates of your bike.

Safe and Easy to Fix:

You may be wondering how to fix safely these number plates in the frames. You neither need to make a hole on plates. Not at all. There are a number of safe locks and hinges inside the frame itself which will hold the number plate safely. You yourself can fix it easily. The frame holds plate perfectly inside. Therefore, let these excellent frames add beauty and elegance to your bike. Let them also add to the safety of the number plate, your bike as well as yourself.

Go with The World in Style:

Fixing is easy which you yourself can do; so also, to replace it whenever necessary.? Use always Orbiz number plate frames. Go with the world; go ahead of the world. Give always the best to your beloved bike.? So just tap the button below and add the choice to your own cart.
Material: Plastic
Weight: 180 gms
Size :

Front: 290 x 60 mm

Back: 212 x 118 mm

Model: Universal for all Bikes

Features :

  • Hard
  • Safe to use
  • Suitable for RTO Approved number plate size
  • 8 clip locks and 12 small pins for better hold and safety on plates (Bike front)
  • 6 clip locks and 12 small pins for better hold and safety on plates (Bike back)
  • Stylish and elegant look
  • Universal for all bike brands


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