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Adjustable Frame Type D (ADFT104)

Our commitment to the vehicle owner just doesn?t stop with the number plates. We also manufacture stunning frames for your number plates which helps in highlighting the uniqueness of your vehicle. Our car number plate frames are so lightweight that it doesn?t affect the vehicle or number plate in anyways. They just provide additional protection and looks for your number plates.

Sometimes, you might feel that having just a number plate is too mainstream. Then there are Orbiz Adjustable frames. Ultra Durable and lightweight are just a few of its qualities. Adjustable number plate frames hold your car number plates in a way that you can adjust whenever you want and lets you have the freedom from having to screw it again and again.

Guarding The Vehicle and its Registration

Modern?motorists have found a way to fix the number plate together with a specially designed car number plate holder. This modern accessory not only enhances the safety of the registration plate but also it adds to the beauty and elegance of the vehicle itself. Orbiz is well aware of the demands of the modern motorists and therefore introduces to the automotive market the adjustable frame.


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